I have always wanted to go to Africa, and in some ways it’s hard for me to grasp I’m writing this all the way from Zimbabwe. But here I am, in Harare, listening to the frogs outside. I’ll have to admit that I’ve never traveled outside of Europe, so even little things like getting a stamp in my passport have been highly enjoyable. Our trip here went very smoothly, and we were picked up at the airport and driven to our hotel, where we had time to refresh a little before our first meeting, our program is pretty tight!

Even though I’ve been here less than 12 hours, I already have so many impressions and thoughts in my head, and as we drove to the meeting I was amazed by how many of the things you’ve heard about were accurate, and equally how many were not. Call it stereotypical if you like, but I think my biggest surprise was that there are so many trees everywhere. It’s also spring, so this one street we went down was surrounded by beautiful trees blossoming in the brightest purple. Maybe I’m just easily fascinated, but it was really pretty. People are really friendly, so polite and very helpful. And maybe it’s the hotel policy (they actually have one), but everyone smiles all the time, and it makes you feel so at ease. 🙂

All in all, it’s been a good first day, however also a long day, so time to get some sleep!

– Christine

PS: Adding a photo of our lunch view of the garden, so you can get in on our current vibes!


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