First field visits

It’s sunday morning, and although it’s only seven (six in Denmark now i guess), the sun is already high up. Although the evenings are dark, the days are so bright. I’m slowly adjusting to the heat of the sun in the rural areas, but there is no denying that it’s really warm, and the sun is very strong.

We have spent the last few days out in the Makoni district. Here we have met with two communities, and the need for water is urgent. All around you can see that everything is dry, it’s warm, and there has been no rain for a very long time. The opportunity of working alongside someone experienced is very valuable, as she sees a lot more than me. It’s definitely something else to be an intern during field visits, than at the office! I think also it would have been easier if I had a technical background, but nevertheless I learn so much every day. Visiting these places, and looking at the project possibilities has definitely had an impact on me, and there are many thoughts and feelings when we come back in the afternoon/evening.

We are now in the mountains by Juliasdale, and it’s a completely different view than the last few days. It’s greener, cooler, and mountains all around. We have somehow ended up with nothing on the agenda for today, which means we can spend the day writing and discussing what the last few days have given us (and re-energize before the next part).

There isn’t much time to sort through pictures in between everything else, but here are a few snapshots for now, to show the different landscapes we’ve seen the past days.


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