World Water Day 2017

The project was officially launched on world water day in Gandorhun Niawa Chiefdom, where the community and the stakeholders gathered to officially initiate the water supply project. Among the guests, were the head chiefs from the nearby communities, representatives from the ministry of water resources, the EWB-SL team and the chief and community members of Gandorhun. The photos below show the launching in Gandorhun.

The audience gathered in the community hall during the launching.

The video shows women calling for the gathering in their traditional way.

During the Launching, I presented sketches of the project which is to be implemented in the community as there are no project drawings yet. On the picture below, the sketches are showed containing all the components of the water supply system.

water system

The water supply system principle sketch.

Apart from water supply and sanitation, IUG engages in other projects in Kenema district. Last week I had the privilege of visiting the Opportunity Center in Kenema. A center for disabled people, where they gather and engage in different professions such as tailoring, welding and mending electric appliances. Through these professions are the disabled people in Kenema capable of taking care of themselves. Though their daily work is not without obstacles, and this where they need IUGs help. Their main priority is solar, to be able to work when the power supply is off, which is very common in this part of the world. The photos below were taken during my visit at the center.

The blacksmith workshop.

Windows made by the blacksmiths.

The tailors workshop.

The electricians workshop.

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