Construction of the well in Gandorhun

Finally, the contractors arrived in Gandorhun on Wednesday afternoon, after having covered the long journey from Freetown to Gandorhun. According to the work plan, they were supposed to be in Gandorhun and drilling on Tuesday, but due to a breakdown during the mobilization they were put behind schedule by a day. Upon their arrival and settling in the community, they immediately began to drill the bore well. The following photos show the equipment they came with. There were three trucks, one with the compressor, one with the rig and one supply truck. The supply truck, immediately left for supplies. The working crew was made up of 12 men.

The truck with the compressor and the truck with the rig and the generator.


peter 3

The supply truck.

The drilling on Wednesday was initiated at around 5:00 pm and ended at around 7:30 pm. During that period they managed to drill 15 meters in the ground, where they hit the rocky layer. The first water table was mate at approximately 12 meters’ depth. The photo below shows the ground layers’ samples which were drilled through on the first day of drilling.

peter 4

Ground layers drilled through during the first day of drilling.

The second day of drilling started at around 8:30 am, by 1:00 in the afternoon they had drilled down to 80 meters. The entire drilling from the 15 to the 80 meters took place through different types of rocky layers. The layers can be seen on the ground layers’ samples photo below.

peter 5

Ground layers’ samples from 1 to 75 meters.

According to contractors, there is plenty of water in the bore well. But I have told them, not to get too excited, the yield test will show how much water is down there.

The next step now is to clean the bore well and get it ready for the yield test. In the meantime, the contractors are waiting for the supplies to get the well ready. I was informed that the supplies will be in Gandorhun very soon.

During the weekend, the contractors decided to deepen the bore well down to 100 meters, but I will confirm whether it is done, when I visit the community later today.

Project 085 is pending, but steadily. The well in komende has been sunk, despite of hitting a rock during the sinking, there is about 0.5 meter of water in the well. The constructors are now pushing to finish the well.

In Talia the constructors hit a rock while excavating, and there have discussions on how to move forward. The youth in the community suggested to help the contractors penetrate the rock to avoid relocating the hand dug well. Though we will confirm this week whether they have done so.

In Nyandeyama the new location of the well has been selected by Pa kallon together with the authorities in the community. Though the excavation is not initiated yet.

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